Jefferson’s Tropics Aged in Humidity™

Introducing Jefferson's Tropics Aged in Humidity™, founder Trey Zoeller’s latest innovation and the newest addition to the Jefferson’s family. Tropics exposes barrels of fully mature Kentucky straight bourbon to unrelenting equatorial heat and humidity. The first expression of Jefferson's Tropics hails from Singapore.

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Aromatic baking spices such as cinnamon and clove


Notes of Bing cherry, toffee, and a hint of sea salt


Long, textured and full-bodied finish upon sipping

Explore the story through the bottle

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Singapore boasts an average daily temperature of 82.1◦. Singapore is also a beautiful juxtaposition of history, embodied by heritage and religiosity, as well as future, embodied by the integration of lush greenery and edgy architecture.

Singapore boasts an average daily humidity of 83.9%

Founder Trey Zoeller chose a robust proof of 104 to deliver on the full expression of this unique bourbon; which can be consumed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail

Jefferson’s continues to push the envelope of where in the world it draws inspiration and opportunity for new whiskey innovation

The Science behind the magic

Don Livermore, Pernod`s in-house Master Blender, and his team comment on the impact of Singapore

Perceived Age

As oxygen interacts with the wood compounds in the whiskey, it will drive a series of complicated reactions that changes ethanol to acetaldehyde, which further changes to acetic acid and then to ethyl acetate.

*panelists are trained to use the word acetone to describe an older whiskey.”


“The colour of the Singapore whisky when adjusted to the final bottling strength of 52% (104 proof), is 10% more dark in comparison to the standard C16 whiskey”

Flavor and Wood Compounds

“The reason for the increase in wood and flavour compounds was due to the evaporation losses. Ethanol and water will evaporate at a faster pace than wood and flavour compounds. There was a concentrating effect in a barrel over time, thus the Singapore whiskey will be perceived as woodier and more flavourful -aligning with our sensory results.”

What The Bourbon Community is Saying…

“It noses almost like a funky Jamaican rum, with hints of over-ripened fruit to consider. The first sip suggests more of the same; it floats across the palate in waves of molasses and fades into the horizon with a subtle nod to saltwater taffy.”

Jefferson’s Introduces the First-Ever Humidity-Aged Bourbon That's Finished in Singapore

Brad Japhe, Men’s Journal

“Explaining how the extreme heat essentially slow cooks and caramelizes the sugars in the wood, the resulting Tropics Aged in Humidity bourbon offers a supple and thick mouthfeel, boasting rich molasses toffee, ripe strawberry, black cherry and sea salt notes.”


Nicolas Stecher,, Maxim

“At 85 miles north of the equator, Singapore provided the right combination of climate and safety for Zoeller to bring his ageing experiment there. He notes the differences in this whiskey when compared to Bourbon distilled on the same date but aged in Kentucky.”

Jefferson’s explores tropical climates with new line

Ted Simmons, The Spirits Business

“Jefferson’s Bourbon unveils its latest masterpiece.”

Jefferson’s Tropics Bourbon Whiskey Aged in Humidity: Hyperaged by Heat and Humidity

Tom Fisher, Bourbon Blog

Singa-Bourbon Sling

At 104 proof, this is a true sipping whiskey that packs a powerful punch. If you are feeling a cocktail instead, we recommend what we’re calling the “Singa-Bourbon Sling”, a nod to the famous cocktail first coined at the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel in 1915.

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A sip that captures the untamed spirit of the tropics 🌴🥃 ...

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Why age our bourbon in Singapore? It`s one of the most intensely hot and humid environments in the world. Can you taste the difference? 🥃 ​ ...

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Unlocking Sunday relaxation, bourbon aficionado style. 🥃 ​

Candles? No. Treat yourself to Singa-Bourbon Sling—the real Sunday reset. 🥃​

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With flavors like bing cherry, toffee, and a hint of sea salt, Jefferson`s Tropics is the perfect addition to your bar cart. 🌿🥃 ​ ...

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Secret’s out. In 2024, we’re rolling out a new bottle design across the portfolio. A few eager states couldn’t wait to debut Bourbon (formerly Very Small Batch). Shout out to our fans that spotted it on shelf! ...

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Even whiskey needs a vacation from ordinary aging 🌴🥃​

Jefferson’s Tropics is aged in the high humidity and heat of Singapore, taking advantage of the Southeast Asian climate to caramelize and intensify the bourbon flavors.

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