A documentary celebrating 25 years of Jefferson’s Bourbon.

Jefferson’s Founder Trey Zoeller + Bourbon Pursuit

Reflect on the past 25 years as we discuss what it was like trying to break into a spirits community that didn’t want newcomers and the hurdles (and lightbulb moments) that come with it.


Founded in 1997, Jefferson’s is the brainchild of Trey Zoeller and his father Chet, a famed bourbon historian. They were continuing a family whiskey tradition that goes back to Trey’s 8th generation grandmother who was arrested in 1799 for the “production and sales of spirituous liquors.” His curious and experimental mindset has allowed him to push the boundaries of bourbon whiskey. Upholding tradition, yet always discovering new possibilities.


The Kentucky Artisan Distillery is the official home of Jefferson’s Bourbon. Distilling, blending, bottling of Jefferson’s special bourbon whiskey releases is done here. It’s also here at KAD that innovative whiskey ideas like the Barrel Aged Manhattan, Wine Cask Finishes, Wood Experiments and Rum Cask Finishes have all become realities. This is the home base from which Trey Zoeller is continually testing the boundaries of bourbon whiskey.

Here you can explore the full offerings of Jefferson’s Bourbon, learn about our many innovative maturation techniques, and get behind-the-scenes tours of a real working bourbon whiskey distillery.