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Experience Bourbon Aged at the Mercy of the Sea

In 2008, while aboard the ship of a fellow Kentucky native, Jefferson’s Master Blender Trey Zoeller got a wild idea. As he watched the whiskey swirl in his glass, compelled by the constant rock of the waves, he pondered what might happen to a barrel of bourbon if it were aged at sea.  

Since this discovery, Trey has sent hundreds of barrels around the world, with each voyage seeing (on average) over 25 ports, 5 continents, and 2 equator crossings. 

The constant movement of the ocean and extreme temperature fluctuations as the ship traverses the globe completely transform the whiskey. Continuous motion draws the natural sugars in the oak to the surface and enables the new whiskey to develop complex flavors more quickly. Equatorial humidity caramelizes the bourbon, producing a dense composition with an edgy sweetness. At the same time, salty ocean air imparts the bourbon with a briny, savory character. The result is a darker, richer bourbon with incredible depth and complexity.

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Discover the Voyages and Find Out More About How Jefferson’s Ocean is Made

Learn how Jefferson’s is aged at the mercy of the sea, read ship’s logs, and experience interactive voyages.

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Award-Winning Bourbon

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Double Platinum 2023 Ascot Awards
Gold 2023 SFWSC Awards
Gold 2022 John Barleycorn Awards
Gold 2022 Ascot Awards

Double Platinum

2023 Ascot Awards


2023 SFWSC Awards


2022 John Barleycorn Awards


2022 Ascot Awards

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