Salted Old Fashioned 

This salted old fashioned pays homage to the spirit of the sea, just like Jefferson’s Ocean. Adding a pinch of sea salt accentuates Jefferson’s Ocean’s notes of sea spray and its natural flavors of caramel, light brown sugar, and espresso. 

Salted Old Fashioned Cocktail

Crafting the Perfect Salted Old Fashioned

​Please only share with people over the legal drinking age.

A hint of sea salt and a bourbon aged at the mercy of the sea completely transform the classic old fashioned. The method is simple but ensures that every sip is delightful and a little bit surprising.   

Dissolving sugar and salt in Angostura® bitters and water means all the ingredients can meld seamlessly as you build this cocktail. This recipe calls for slightly more sugar than your standard old fashioned, and for good reason – the sweetness of the sugar subtly balances out the bitters and salt. Adding complex, savory Jefferson’s Ocean along with a large ice cube to chill the cocktail and dilute it slowly makes for an incredibly nuanced drinking experience.

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