Spiced Old Fashioned

The spiced old fashioned, crafted with Jefferson’s Tropics, combines the inviting aroma of cinnamon with the intricate flavors of bourbon aged in humidity.
The result is a cocktail brimming with complexity and a warmth as strong as the tropics.

Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail

Crafting the Perfect Spiced Old Fashioned

​Please only share with people over the legal drinking age.

The cinnamon in this spiced old fashioned amplifies Jefferson’s Tropics’ bouquet of aromatic baking spices, which includes cinnamon and clove. At the same time, the bourbon’s flavors of Bing cherry, toffee, and sea salt balance the Angostura® bitters’ spice and the subtle sweetness of the sugar.

As with a classic old fashioned, the spiced old fashioned calls for a single large ice cube. This allows the drink to dilute slowly, letting you enjoy the warm, spiced notes of your cocktail for longer

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