Sweet Old Fashioned

This sweet old fashioned reimagines the classic by substituting sugar for honey. The honey’s natural complexity and slight floral notes blend with Jefferson Reserve’s richness for a cocktail that’s both comforting and sophisticated. 

Sweet Old Fashioned Cocktail

Crafting the Perfect Sweet Old Fashioned

​Please only share with people over the legal drinking age.

Jefferson’s Reserve, with layered notes that include nutmeg, toffee, and cinnamon, pairs exceptionally well with honey’s floral aromas. The Angostura® bitters balance out the cocktail, adding spice and depth that rounds out the sweetness and ensures every sip is complex and engaging.

The key to a sweet old fashioned is to fully dissolve the honey in bitters and a few drops of water before adding the bourbon. Otherwise, the honey will get stuck at the bottom of the cocktail. 

Once the honey is dissolved, adding ice before Jefferson’s Reserve cools the mixture and slightly dilutes the drink, helping the flavors meld. An expressed orange peel is the perfect complement to both honey’s sweetness and Jefferson’s Reserve’s warmth. 

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